armature kinematics and frame interpolation, info needed

Hi everyone. I would like to find some info about how exactly does the blender IK work and how does blender compute the movement of the mesh vertex parented to a bone. I’ve found quite a lot of info about kinematics control in maya and diverse IK methods but I don’t know which one is implemented in Blender. I would also wanted to know how is the frame interpolation made (from a computational point of view if posible). I’ll keep searching but any help would be wellcomed. Many thanks to all.

Simple basics of the 2.40 recode:


You can download the source code here :smiley:


Thanks Flight, I’ve already read that log, but with my question I wanted to avoid reading end searching in the source code. I only want to know how the interpolation is made for the vertex between frames when you create 2 poses and how the desplazement, resize, etc. of a bone actuates over it’s vertex group. For example, as i’ve read, in maya the animation curves between two key frames are implemented with two dimensional Bezier curves which shape is determined by tanget vectors linear, flat, step, splines or clamped. That’s the kind of info I’m looking for. Many thanks.

I only know of literature that discusses different interpolation curves as they apply to Modifiers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that applies to the interpolation of the verts they modify, including Shapes, RVK’s and AVK’s. You’re going to have to ask at or on the dev or committers mailing lists.