Armature local axis

How do you see the local xyz of the armature? When I make my character’s armature dynamic he falls backwards not down.

I’ll answer my own question since this was sooooooo easy. In the armature panel there is a button for draw axis. click that and you see the axis of all your bone angles. My z’s are y’s! I guess I need to scrap the armature and start over. I have NO idea how that happened.

Ok, I give up. I rebuilt the armature and loaded it’s library back into my maze game and the little bear still fly’s backward and not down when you start the game engine. I don’t know why. I’ve attached my file for anyone who wants to take a crack at it.


Game.blend (890 KB)

I tried your download, but couldn’t find a bear in the outliner or 3d view. You said you linked it? Maybe you need to include the .blend that you linked from too. Maybe I’m just tired…

Gravity isn’t based on local axis/coordinates… that wouldn’t have any effect on falling.

Make sure that you tell the mesh of the object to be “no collision”, as well as any other potential meshes that might be colliding with the dynamic armature.

Try, instead of setting the armature as dynamic, to use a seperate, bounding box object. Create a box or cylinder around your character, apply scale and rotation (ctrl-a), and then parent the armature to that object. Now make that object dynamic with cylinder or box bounds.


I think I’m the one that tired! I forgot to save the file before I closed it. Sorry, this one should have the bear in it now. I linked/appended my bear and made him dynamic and now he falls to the ground. I have no idea why he working now and not before? :wink:


Game.blend (969 KB)

Blender Gamekit 2nd edition, eh?:wink:

lol micah! Mastering Blender by Tony Mullin :wink: