Armature Loc'in

Hey all,

Well, i think i made a mistake with my current animation. My Imp has a walk cycle, but i also loc’d the position for moving forward, as well as up and down bounce in pose mode.

Now, because i have done this, the little purple dot for the model stays in the first possition and i’m not able to parent anything to it.

Is there any way i can correct this? I pretty much need it to parent items like his cape…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Hey Matt, I think you can sort your little problem in the EDIT buttons. On the right hand side, below the REM Doubles button, are Center, Center New and Center Cursor.

These let you move the purple dot to where you want to place it in relation to the model.

Hope this helps and that I haven’t interepted your question incorrectly.


I think I understand what you did. You only key the armature motions (probably only rotations or IK target locations) in pose mode. The actual forward motion of the whole armature is keyed separately. If you want things to work properly, you’ll have to remove the location keying from the walkcycle action.

What harkyman says is 100% true. my brother was having the same problem.

Also, the ‘center’ buttons are NOT AVAILBLE for bones, no in edit mode neither in pose mode, check for yourself !! 8)

If you absolutely need to change the center of your armature you can create ANOTHER aramture (with the center where you really whant it) and then join the old one with the new one, but that will erase ALL constraints in the old armature.

Finally, for attaching the cape to your character, YOU DON’T NEED to attach it to the armature, you could just attach it in vertex level to the body mesh. Select the cape, hold Shift and select the body, enter edit mode, select 3 (very importat, 3) vertex of the body, press Ctrl+P and choose MAKE VERTEX-PARENT. Trust me, it work just fine and you don’t need to re-do the walk cycle.

(But re-doing it in the correct way would be the righ and proper thing to do :stuck_out_tongue: )