armature + mesh game logic + collision sensors

Pardon the newbie question:

I have a rigged mesh and I want to control it using the game engine. It is my understanding that I apply actuation/controllers to my armature but I want to act based on collisions to the mesh that is parented to the armature (and I plan to have additional sensors in different locations on the rig).

Also I’m using Convex Hulls for collision (i require fairly realistic collision & physics and realtime performance is not a huge priority but still…)

How do I send a pulse from one object’s sensor brick to another object’s controller brick?

Thanks a bunch!

you have to choose the object sensor as sensor in the panel physic.

then to make a “spaghetti brick” press SHIFT and select multiple obj , at this point you can mix the brick from obj A to obj B.

also at right of the layers the button of scene with a little chain must be enabled