I’m having a problem with particles cration, generally it runs nice. But when I try to create a particles systen to create fur for a character Blender crashes.

I get the information provided by Norton Crash Guard, and it says:

Windows 98 Version 4.10.2222
BLENDER have been caused a invalid page failure on module BLENDER.EXE in 017f:00579c70.
EAX=6c697542 CS=017f EIP=00579c70 EFLGS=00010206
EBX=02953900 SS=0187 ESP=00bffb4c EBP=00bffb4c
ECX=00000007 DS=0187 ESI=0117fb4c FS=10f7
EDX=00000030 ES=0187 EDI=0116a9fc GS=0000
Bytes in CS:EIP:
0f bf 50 08 3b d1 74 08 8b 00 85 c0 75 f2 33 c0
Stack emptying:
00bffba0 004a357d 0116aa9c 00000007 00000000 00000000 0116a9fc 0f3bbd2e 4069177f 00000000 0075d6d7 0000027f 00fa3944 00000000 00000000 0117fb4c

I’m thinking that it happens because I have may mesh parented to two things: The Child Object that I’m using with Particles Duplicators and the Armature.

I think it because when I delete the armature the problem don’t happens.

What video card do you have?
Try turning down or off your hardware acceleration in vidoe settings
(Just a guess, I have to do that when I run more than 1 armature.)