Armature mess

Guys, is there any way to stop Blender from constantly activating two separate armatures at the same time? Every time I want to select into another armature the other one remains active…

thank you

any way at all? Some kind of solution. It’s really frustrating, haha.
I want both Armatures to be in the same collection, visible in the same scene, but not both be Pose-Active at the same effin time. Just like in 2.79, if you know what I mean…
there it was only ever pose active if I selected one armature and then went into pose mode.

sorry for bringing this up again, but it absolutely destroys my animations. I think I work on one armature, but it has both active and then it moves the other around as well…

I know. I find it irritating too. If you switch out of pose mode on the original armature before switching into it on the new armature (with only the new armature selected), you should just have the new armature in pose, not the old one too.

Personally, I like working with multiple 3D viewports open, so I always feel comfortable toggling to a local view (numpad slash) real quick. You might play with that style and see how well it works for you.

thank you for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

No other options then, eh?

Gosh , Blender has become awkward