Armature mirroring


I’ve done an armature for the left arm of my last creation. Is there a quick way of mirroring it to the other arm without having to change the name of every bone. I read in the manual that if I used the .L,.R in the end blender should be able to change it automatically

In Edit mode select the bones you want to mirror and use the Armature menu.

Then, in Edit or Pose Mode use the W menu to flip names.


Hmm, I can’t get it to work. The armature menu contains copy and delete. However if I select copy all my names are changed (as it always does when you copy). The w key does absolutely nothing.

My names are written like shoulder.L and so on…

Let’s say I assigned vertices to the armature, is there any way to mirror a whole arm without having to reassign everything?

sorry Fligh %, must be doing it wrong :slight_smile:

duplicate the OBJECT [mesh including your arm]

mirror the OBJECT

change the names vertex groups OF THE OBJECT [in edit mode]

… then join with your original

[you can mirror duplicate and mirror bones in edit mode, then rename them for the other half of your body…]

The Mirror option is only in the Armature menu in Edit Mode (also in Object mode but then it flips the whole armature and not just the selected bones)

And the W menu is only in 2.4 so that’s my goof.


OK, I did it the painful way. Thanx for all the help guys…