Armature modifier problem

There seems to be a problem with Armature Modifier because it will not except any names other than “armature”. For instance, each time I type a named limb (upper_arm.l) in the OB field, the box just remains empty are pressing Enter. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? I following the BSoD tutorial, introduction to character animation and I’m sure I followed the guide correctly. Link: Add an Armature modifier to the Mesh

Hey Jorne,

The OB: field refers to object names. If you try to type in bone names it will not work. Bones are components of the armature the same way vertices are components of a mesh. To find out what your armature object name is you can either press “n” in the 3D view with any part of your armature selected, or you can check in the edit panel under ‘links and materials’.

In some cases after typing the armature name in the OB: field, a new BO: field will appear, which will allow you to enter a specific bone name.

I tried what you said but and the only return is OB: Armature or the name I gave the bobe - upper_arm.l

Correct, so then your armature object is named “Armature” with a capital ‘A’ and the selected bone is named “upper_arm.l”. This means that if you want the armature modifier to use this armature, you would need to enter “Armature” in the OB: field. Understand as well that nothing will happen until you create ‘weight painting’ to determine how the armature should deform the mesh. Or you can use envelopes, but I don’t recommend bothering with envelopes (they don’t produce nice results).

An easy way to automatically generate a weight map is to parent the mesh to the armature in object mode (select mesh, then armature, ctrl+p), and choose “bone heat weighting”. You can then click ‘make real’ and voila, you have the modifier and the mesh has pretty decent default weight painting :slight_smile: This method is commonly shunned as an ‘old method’, but I much prefer it because parenting the mesh to the armature has benefits… but that’s waaaay beyond what you’re asking here, so I’ll stop now lol.

Also note that the armature modifier will not present a BO: field. You will encounter that field when you get into setting up constraints :slight_smile:

If you don’t want the armature to be called “Armature” you can name it whatever you want in the properties window or link and materials OB: field.

Ahh… Thanks. Weight painting works now.