armature motion control

I am Blender beginner. I am solving a problem how could I set in motion armature by press some button on the keyboard. No like template motion (animation) but as I need perhaps: as long I keep pressing button, as long will be motion run.

thanks for help

Real-time interactive animation can be done in the Blender Game Engine. Start with this tutorial to understand how to use it:

In order to use armature animations in the game engine, you need to create Actions, and then set up an Action actuator in the game engine with that action. Note that rigging for the game engine is more limited than ordinary rigging (no IK, for example) and that the rigging style is the old armature parent style rather than the new armature modifier style. You parent the mesh to the armature and select Make parent to Armature.

It’s actually a slightly complex thing to do for a beginner, but if realtime rather than keyframed animation is what you’re after then I think it’s what you have to do.

I cannot get armature animation to work inside the Game Engine.

Here is a link to the demo file I’m working on:

Animation works fine with ALT-A but not with PKEY.

What am I doing wrong?