Armature movement cracks mesh?


I had made a topic in the game engine forum. I tried twice to create a skeleton and I parented the mesh to it. I then tried to move the different bones. The object cracks apart.

Is it the way I setup the skeleton?

Give them the blend so they can have a better idea of what you are doing.

Here is a test file.

Weights are very badly applied. There are left vertices assigned to right bones, overlapping vertices assigned to two different sets of bones each, two armature modifiers (one of them invalid)…

The model has unapplied scale and rotation, and that screws up auto-weighting badly.

For such a simple model, I suggest you set weights manually. Maybe, depending on what you need, remove those overlapping vertices. It should make your life easier painting those weights.

Additionally, delete all vertex groups and the armature modifier, and rename your bones to more descriptive names than If you follow the _r/_l suffix convention, you can do nifty things like copying the pose on your left bones to your right bones and vice-versa. Then, you can set your weights, or try again auto-weighting (remember to apply rotation+scale beforehand).

I find that odd, I have used the exact same body object on another character. So it can’t be that?

Then there is only the head and face with the eyes left.

So I guess I just need to select weight painting and paint the parts that will animate or just the whole object. Then select the mesh and skeleton for parenting.

I tried painting it. Nothing has changed, is there a certain colour needed for the movement parts? Green or red?