Armature movement exaggeration problem

Hi, I’m trying to rig a horse, but the movement of the mesh is exaggerated.

See how the head moves far from the bone? It also happens with the legs or any thing else I rig to this armature. Any ideas what could be going on? I’m using the most recent blender and attaching the mesh with weight painting.


Figured it out. I had declared the armature as parent of the mesh. This, for some reason was causing rotation of the armature bones to be doubly effective, resulting in exaggerated movement. I deleted the parent/child relationship between the armature and the mesh and that fixed it.

Huh, that’s interesting. I’m still figuring this stuff out myself, and I’ve seen tutorials that tell you do do it both ways. Some say to go ahead and parent (which is cool for the automatic bone heat mapping) but some tutorials just create an armature without parenting and either weight paint or manually assign vertex groups from there.

I’m not sure the purpose/benefits of doing it different ways. Glad you found one that’s working for you, though.

in the modifiers panel, there should be an armature modifier and onther thing saying ‘make real’, delete one.

What I have found to work best for me so far is to NOT use the Armature modifier (delete it if you have one), parent the mesh to the armature and use Vertex Groups. When given the option you can have a couple of options to play with.

I prefer to have it automatically create empty vertex groups (one for each bone) and then manually assign vertices to each group. Gives me the most control, and the results are consistent.

The “assign by bone heat” is an awesome quick & dirty little tool for getting an AUTOMATIC weight painting. Does a pretty decent job, and you can then manually go into weight painting mode and do any necessary touch up if you need to.

I’m not real clear on how envelopes are supposed to work, but I haven’t got them to give me the deformation I want, so I’ve been avoiding them.