Armature Moves After Applying Rest Pose

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue when attempting to “Apply Pose as Rest Pose” for this armature. Normally when I do this, the armature remains in the same position. However, every time I do it, the arms move slightly. And if I keep applying as rest pose over and over, the arms will move every time. It seems random, they don’t seem to move for any reason.

Can anyone take a look and tell me if I’m missing something simple? I haven’t run into this issue before and I’m stumped.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Now, whenever I apply pose as rest pose, some of the bones in my armature seem to be deleted. I have no idea why this is happening but it’s really slowing me down.

I don’t mean to keep spamming, but surely someone must know what’s wrong here? I’ve even tried deleting the collar bones, creating new ones in their place and parenting the arm bones to them. That works, but now when I try to create hand bones (to become the parent of the finger bones) the hand bones just disappear when I go into pose mode and apply the pose. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is this just a bug in Blender? It’s really annoying!

Why do you need to apply the pose as the rest pose? Use the pose library if you want to save different poses for the armature.

If you could explain what you are doing more in depth, I could possibly give you a better solution to you situation.

Thank you batFINGER, I didn’t get to try that but I’ll make sure to remember that if I experience the issue again.

Unfortunately, I’m having a different issue now. When I apply the rest pose, a single bone (sometimes more) will randomly disappear. I don’t know if it gets deleted or what, but when I search for it in the Scene tab, nothing shows up except the vertex groups for it.

I can easily create the bone again, but it’s a serious inconvenience for this to keep happening while I’m working on the model :frowning: Anyone know what the issue could be here?

A good practice is beginning a rig again. If it can only be pushed as far as these issues happening then starting from scratch can save time and shed light on the issue.