Armature moves parts of the body on the opposite side

I added reverse kinematics to my tusk act 4 model for animating it and mirrored the bones to the other side. However when doing so the left side started behaving strangely when I moved the right side. I removed the left side bones but it did not help. I checked weight painting and there was nothing. This is my first blender project so I am new to very many issues.

I can not upload attatchments because I am a new user so I made a dropbox instead with the .blend file

problem occurs when trying to move any of the armature in pose mode

With rigging many things can get wrong, it is really difficult to with only pics in this case can you share the .blend file? Or make a video of the actual problem.

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I will include the .blend file as soon as I get on tomorrow
The problem occurs when I move any of the bones that I currently have added.

Also thank you I hope I will improve at making stuff like this :b

Alright I have now posted a dropbox with the .blend file in the post

Put the file here -> and share the link. I couldn’t find a file in dropbox link that you posted above :frowning:

thank you

After investigation i find out that:

  1. You have 6 armatures modifiers. why?
  2. The weight painting is off. When you said " I checked weight painting and there was nothing." how did you diagnose it? I usually do it this way I got into edit mode select the suspicious vertex ( i mean it only one) then in the N-panel-> item → vertex weight you will see in that vertex groups that vertex is in then i will fix it.

Your model looks simple it should not be difficult to rig just follow some tutorials for you to familiarize with the idea, ctrl+p ( with automatic weight will do).

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I already did weight paint the left side because automatic weights didn’t work. I did follow a tutorial to make the armature and I understand how dumb I am now. I never checked the fingers :/.

The rest I don’t really understand but I think the modifiers are for my inverse kinematics

Anyways tysm for helping me! If I understand right there was weight from the fingers on the left arm. Now I can keep animating it :smiley:

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Thank you so much ! I’ve been at this for many hours !

The armature modifiers were at fault !

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