Armature not getting attached to the mesh

Hello all, I’m using Blender 2.62 and I’m having issues attaching my armature to my mesh.

I’m using rigify. I started to select my mesh, then I selected my armature and I pressed “CTRL + P” > With automatic weight.

Then by selecting my armature “CTRL + Tab” to switch in pose mode, but It doesn’t allow me to move my bones with my vertices following them.

I did a quick test with a cylinder and two bones, and it bends properly…Bones are attached to the cylincer, so could you tell me what is it ?

Edit: Finally I figure out It was in fact attached, but when I move the bone, the vertices don’t follow that one directly in “real time”, It’s once I release my mouse button, the vertices follow, is there any way to have vertices moving directly with the bone ?

SOLVED ! I had checked the delay refresh checkbox, what a stupid reason…