Armature not holding poses


This is a weird problem I haven’t had before. I have two armatures, one for deforming and one for driving IPOs, in case it matters. The driving one seems to be working fine, I can pose it, key it, and there seems to be no problem.

The deforming one looks fine, I can pose it, it deforms the mesh, everything okay. However, if I do something like bring another layer into view, or move to another frame, or anything, the armature pops back into rest position. This is regardless of whether it’s keyed or not. Now I’ve got a few poses keyed, and there are pose IPOs for it, but it simply ignores the keys.

I figure I got into some kind of mode somehow, but I have no idea what it could be. Anyone?



Hmm… sounds odd.

Does the driving armature have any links to the deforming armature at all? It might be another one of those depgraph bugs.


Thanks for the reply. As I’d suspected, it was just me being dumb, and I was also wrong about having not had the problem before. In fact, I was in NLA mode in the NLA editor, rather than in action mode. I was too quick to post this time…