armature not playing action in game engine

hello everyone!
I am using blender 2.71 on windows 8.1
so here is my problem, i was following a tutorial for how to create a character in the blender game engine. everything was going fine until we had to incorporate playing the action in the game logic.
so i finish making my character rig, the tutorial tells me to delete the armature modifier, and then to set the parent of the mesh as the armature, as an armature.

the relations tab, when the mesh is selected

here is the logic bricks i have setup:

the logic editor window, when the armature is selected

when i press p to play it just looks like this.

the game.
it should, when i press w, have the character play the action, but it doesn’t.

thankyou, any help will be appreciated.

tomorrow i will be able to upload a minimal example that replicates the problem if that will help you.

Did you try not deleting the armature modifier ?

yes i did, if i didnt delete it, when pressing p it wouldnt revert to the default pose, it would remain in the pose that the char. was in before i pressed p, however, would still not play the action

Do you have other modifiers?
The armature modifier needs to be present and on the top of the stack / the first modifier.

only a sub-surf, i will try again, with the armature on top

okay, thankyou, for some reason when having the armature on the top of the stack it means that it works, while if it’s underneath my sub-surf it wont.

Do you know why?