Armature not playing when key pressed

Hello guys,

I’ve been trying to follow the tutorial here:!, but when the keyboard key is pressed, the armature action is not started. The guy in the video had a similar problem, but his solution didn’t work for me. The bounding box action, however, does move the character when pressed.

Has someone experienced this problem too?

Cheers and thanks a lot.


alien.blend (637 KB)

In your blend there is no action assigned in the logic panels on the actuator action. the only choice is “armatureaction” and both action actuators play from 1 to 40 so both actions will be the same. Also select different layers in the actuator action.
If you press p then you see your model in pose mode so the model isn’t correctly parented for the GE. select your model and in the modifier tab add an armature modifier and choose “Armature” as object there. Now click the up-arrow button to position the armature modifier above the subsurf modifier (!).
Another way to achieve the same is to first select the model then the armature then press ctrl-p and choose armature deform. This also adds the armature modifier to the model. Then again make sure it is on position 1 in the modifier tab.

Thanks a lot!!!
Moving the armature modifier up the stack solved the problem!
(Why does this happen? Why doesn’t it recognize it if it is after the subsurf modifier?)

Cheers and thanks again

I have had issues with forgetting
always----------and----------run armature