Armature outside of mesh

I am quite new to Blender and 3D artwork in general.

I found a nice tut that has been very helpful, and I would recommend it to other new users. I guess you could call it the BSod/Introduction to character animation tutorial.

I am currently at this page:

My problem is that the mesh does not stick to the bones in pose mode correctly. When I move the bone, the weight painted mesh move at a faster rate than the bone I am changing. This creates a pose where the armature is outside the mesh.

I downloaded the blend from the tutorial and it does not have the same problem. After comparing settings (that I felt were related), I did not find the reason for this behavior in my blend.

Why would the mesh deform such that the armature ends up on the outside of the mesh?

The Mesh (Vertex Groups) may not be WeightPainted properly (weights too low) or may be assigned to more than one Bone. It could also be something out of left field like two Armature Modifiers (by mistake) or Envelopes fighting with Vertex Groups. If you can’t solve it please post your .blend so we can look at it.


Usually the thing that caused this to happen for me was what Fligh said, you have two armature modifiers for the same bone. I also notice sometimes deleting the root bone fixes it…I has for me many times. Just add a second armature to substitute for the root instead.

Unfortunately I still cannot fix it. It may be one of those mistakes you will never make as a seasoned artist :rolleyes:.

Here is a link to the .blend file

I found the mistake. A gross error on my side - the parent of the mesh was set to the armature. After clearing the parent, the pose worked as expected. Thanks for your help!

I think im having a very similar problem, with same tutorial on the same page, please refer to my post in this section for details. Please!