Armature Panel...

(MaceG) #1

The armature panel will only display 7 bones? Or am I doing something wrong?


(Duoas) #2

It depends on how much room you give it. You can scroll up and down just like in the 3D View.

(MaceG) #3

Yeah. But it’s not working for me in 2.40.
It did in all earlier versions.
Is it working for you in 2.40?


(Fligh) #4

I’ve got one of lguillame’s builds (1024) and it shows 4 in pose mode and 7 in edit mode.


(speckles) #5

Yeah, I was getting this earlier too, just came here to ask about it, lol. I can scroll down a little way, but then I can’t go any more, the list just stops.

I’ve got 2.4 alpha 1 from the download page.