Armature parent error heat on bones?


I decided to open up the file from a project I left for others to tinker with, but I wanted to try and get the character I had setup with bones, for some strange reason unlike with the other character, the weight option doesn’t work on it.

What could be the problem? All the bones I setup are connected.

According to the Game development book, there is no error or trouble shooting guide for this problem.


In the armature object data tab is it set to pose or rest position?
Setting to rest position freezes it so your changes won’t show up.

Pose, I don’t see how it would of been any different, this is the first time I’ve even viewed that setting window. Neither will change. It doesn’t seem I can use this, a lot of effort a month ago for it to not work…the texturing, and face. Worst for the other.

I may have to stick to the FP.

Could you post an image or something? I’m having trouble understanding what you mean. I’m sure you don’t have to lose your work, but I don’t know what the problem is…

These images.


Thank you for responding.

What I have actually just done moments ago is delete the armature and just built a new one, I’ve now tried the pose mode, I notice the mesh tends to seperate at the vertices sections with different parts.

Is that just the object itself naturally bending with the bones?

The book I have the game development, has two examples of animating, a shark for a shark game, and a monkey. I’ve only just remembered that. I could read back through that chapter on this.