armature parenting

hey, i was wondering if it was possible to parent an armature to an object, so say, when a certain object moves, a specific armature BONE (not the whole armature object) moves with that certain object.
If this is not possible, then how else would i get a bone to follow mouselook?

You cannot parent a bone of an armature to another object. If you want a bone to follow another in game you could either:

  • Make an action where the bone moves around the possible angles then set the current angle of the bone by changing the current frame of the action animation. Do it by setting it to a property animation and setting that property to the desired angle.
  • Use the action actuator .setChannel() method. Which allows you to move/scale/rotate any single specific bone of an armature. The syntax is act.setChannel(“BoneName”,
    [list of coordinates]). Check the API for details.