armature path animation

i have my armature walking up to an object on a path. how do i get it to pause then walk away

I think this will work.

I’m assuming that you have a walk cycle NLA action. Parented the mesh to the path and turned on the path button in the NLA editor.

Change the time IPO of the path (You my have to add a time IPO). Make the IPO flat (Horizontal between two IPO points) After the pause, have the path bent away from the obejct and adjust the coresponding IPO time points of the curve to make it walk away.

waht does use path do?

the path control will control the walk cycle so that it spreads it evenly along the path.

waht should the stride parameter be at and i dont see the animation in 3d view when i use 3d path

I haven’t used it for a while. but I think you use a very low number. I’ll check tomorrow when I have more time.