Armature Physics

Ok so i know theres the way to add a separate mash with a cloth or softbody modifier thing to, then add weight painted vertex groups into an ik constraint with the armature, but im makin a game, and of course the gamne engine doesnt support those things. And besides, i think it works quite sloppily. I have a character with ribbons on her head, and when i hit the play animation button, the ribbons fall and stuff nicely. But then i add a collision to the body and the ribbon, and the ribbon goes absolutely crazy, jumping around everywhere. And even when i dont add a collision to the ribbon, and its just on the body, the ribbon still goes ballistic. So i was wondering if there was a different, more predictable and stable way to add physics like that to the armatures, that is also supported by the game engine. Thanks!

Like is there some kind of script? if i can learn python and that stuff, would i be able to formulate something to give my individual bones some kind of cloth-like physics?