Armature pose mode : get the local transformations of a bone


Is it possible to get the local transformation of a bone that is moved in local space?

If the rotations xyz of a bone is not 0 then, I move the bone in local space on just one axis, my 3 location axis will be modified because the properties panel display it in world space. Does the local coordinates of a bone exists and is it possible to get it in a driver for example?

Thanks!! : )


what you are seeing are the local coordinates. Local axes do not depend on local rotations, so when a bone is rotated then moved along an axis, several axes are modified - this is normal. To achieve what you request you can always create a child bone : it will inherit its parent’s rotations, and you’ll be able to move that bone on any of its (modified) local axes and it will only modify one value in the transform panel.


Thanks Hadriscus.
That was my first idea but it wasn’t working for what tried to do.
It is to rotate a wheel in the direction where a car is going to. If I create a child bone like you told me, it will be working but the pivot point of my parent will not follow the location of the child. I’d like to constraint the pivot point of the parent bone to the location of the child bone. Is that possible?

Yes, there is a pivot constraint but it’s a bit buggy (does not work well with undo/redo as far as I noticed). I’m not sure what your setup is. Care to explain a bit more in detail ?