armature problem

(hannibar) #1

When assigning weights on an object I get the following problem. All the weights deform as if the weight is 1. Even when I give vertices a weight of 0.5 or 0.25, they keep deforming as if it was 1. How can I solve that?

(theeth) #2

weights are not directly translated into ratio. Even if the weight is 0.5, if there’s only one bone, it will deform at 100%

for example, lets say you have bone 1 and bone 2 assigned to the same vertex with a weight of 0.25. The final ratio is determined by dividing the weight by the total weight. In this example, each bone would have an influence of 50% (0.25 / (0.25 + 0.25) = 50%)

in your case, since there’s only one bone assigned, the final ratio is always 100% since (bone weight) / (bone weight) will always equal 100%


(hannibar) #3

Thanks. Even with everything like it should be (like you told), things went wrong. So I completely gave up, and started the rigging all over again. It works well now.