Armature problem

(Squee) #1

I am currently setting up armatures for a person I have made.
My problem is when I am setting up the legs so that I can place
the heel of the foot, instead of going down from the first Bone.

I do this by using an Ik solver constrained on the “FootBone” to the “HeelBone” I also use a track to constraint form the “FootBone” to the “ToeBone”. And the “ToeBone” is a child of the HeelBone" so that when I move the “HeelBone” the rotation of the foot does not change, unless I rotate the HeelBone.

When this is completed there does not seem to be any problems. However
when I parent the Armature to my mesh the foot rotates 180 degrees and some of the edges attach to different vertices. I know that the problem is the track to because if removed everything is o.k. But WHY. and also I got this method from a tutorial awhile ago, apparently it worked for him so why not me.

I hope I did not leave anything out and thanks for any help.

(sparc) #2

maybe that helps,

look at:

(harkyman) #3

Once you have your armature built and given an appropriate rest position IN EDIT MODE, select all the bones and hit Alt-N (in 2.25) to correct the orientation of the bones. Then parent and all should be fine.