Armature problem

I while ago I posted a T-rex armature I’m working on up here and I got some really useful feedback, but I’m running into some problems.
I don’t want the hips to rotate when I lift the feet, but even if I play with the IK chain length the hip bone rotates. It seems to happen no matter what I do. I’ve tried setting the IK chain length anywhere from 1 to 4 to no avail…anyone have any ideas? here’s a link to the blend.

Both Bone and Bone.004 are parented to Bone.008. Just break that Parent.


I thought of that but how do I do that and still allow the thighs to move with the hips when I grab Bone.008?

OOOo I see! My apollogies, I didn’t see (or test) that. Tested again and if you make the ChainLength of both bones 002 and 006 each 3 then it works.