Armature problem


Im new to Blender and taking an armature-to-mesh tutorial. I have created an armature modifier with the same ob:name but I cannot select an individual bone and select a mesh at the same time. I have explored some solutions and nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.



Firstly, when you applied the modifier, did it accept the Armarture name or is the Ob: panel still blank? If it’s blank, re-enter the name and make sure it matches the Armature name exactly (caps and lowercase if need be). You can check the Armature name by selecting it and looking in the Ob: panel under the mesh window (F9)

Assuming this is all okay, I guess you’re trying to skin the amrature (apply different weights to the mesh for each bone)? To do this, RMB the armature and enter Pose Mode (CTRL-TAB shortcut from Object Mode). RMB a bone then RMB the Object and CTRL-TAB into weight paint mode.

If none of this makes sense, let us know which tutorial you’re following and give a bit more detail of the problem.

thanks AndyD, Im at work right now so I don’t have the specific tutorial name. THe ob panel isnt blank, my “abaArmature” name is there. The first tutorial i tried was the yellow ORTO man tutorial, but that was with selecting vertices and not weight painting, but i had the same problem there too. I had all the bones named exactly the same as the mesh groups i created. I could not simultaneously select 1 bone and one mesh group. So last night i recreated the armatures from scratch and tried weight painting.

when im in pose mode with a bone selected, i cannot select the mesh (or my character object). When I get home I’ll walk through the description you just gave me and re-post if the problem persists.

Thanks again

Thanks AndyD,

I started frm stratch and followed ur advice through and it worked. My problem was that once i clicked the bone then the object, it would un-highlight the bone and I would assume i was doing something wrong.

Thanks for the help!!