"armature" problem

Hello everybody !

I’m a beginner with Blender, but I 've ever worked a little with 3D software.
I have a project about raving rabbids, and I’m frozen with a simple probleme but I don’t really know how to process !

Here is the problem :

I have to do the eyelids, but the rabbids seems to have the eyes out of the head, so here in this picture, you can see the hole behind the eyelids, and that’s my problem ! I try to create another UVsphere to fill in this hole, but that was not that !

I’m looking for the solution, but I’m lost about it !

So, anyone can help me or get me on the right way, please?

Have a nice week end and godd day :slight_smile:


I think shape keys might help. They’re used to help with making facial expressions and much more. They’re in the Editing tab (F9) then the shapes tab. This is a tutorial on it. Hope it helps! - http://wbs.nsf.tc/tutorial/tutorial_shapekey_e.html

Also cool Rabbid!

What about this?


eyeball.blend (418 KB)