Armature problems (actions & NLA)

I have been making my first project with armatures and encountered some problems today. I don’t know what I did, but suddently this one part of the animation bekame corrupt. I fixed it, but now it came back. But it’s strange because it looks good when I am editing the Action, but when placed to NLA it is wrong.

So this is how it should be:

This is how it looks when put to NLA (don’t mind the different angle):
You can see the left hand has gone inside the eye.

And finally, this is how it is set in the NLA:

Any ideas what might be causing this? Is anybody is interested, I can also send the blend file by e-mail.

AND I have second problem too. The character I have there has two eyes that are both made to track the empty object “eyes”. It works as it should be, but when I rotate the “BODY” bone in the armature where the eyes are attached the eyes start pointing to all wrong direction. So eyes parent is BONE “body” and eyes are tracking EMPTY “eyes”.
Am I possible doing something wrong, or would there be some other way to do the eye tracking that would be less buggy?

perhaps the action doesn’t have keys for all of the necescary bones, so they are using the old values or the default ones?

Nope, that is not the problem. All the bones have keyframes. I double checked it now by re-keyframing them all but it still looks the same.

Is the last NLA strip set to Add mode or not?

It’s not in add mode.