Armature problems

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I made this thing and I amatured it, and then I made an animation with the armature and assigned logicbricks so that when i pushed up the object would play the animation. It doesn’t play in game mode. Would the fact that all I did was make the armature and then parented the mesh to the armature and not do anything else?

Thanx if you can help,


(joecool) #2

post a .blend

(ilac) #3

Hi Pooba,

2 questions:

  1. Did you assign vertex groups to your mesh?

  2. If I recall correctly, you must create your armature animation as an ‘action’, and then use the action actuater in the logic bricks not the ipo actuater.

Don’t know if these will solve your problem but they were the first things that came to mind as possible causes! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,


(Pooba) #4

Okay, i didn’t assign all of the vertices to vertex thingies (how do you do that?) But I did use the action acuator to play it, and I did create the animation into an action. How do you assign the vertext thingies?

(ilac) #5

Hi Pooba,

Vertex Groups are found in the Edit buttons. What you do is go into edit mode, selsct the appropriate group of vertices, create a new group and click on assign to put the selected vertices into that group. The way groups work is that if a group has the same name as a bone than that group will follow that bone.
Vertices can form part of more than one group (and their weight is distributed accordingly) You could also use groups to save selections by give a group a name that does not belong to any bone (usful for RVK’s). It is important to remember that the group will only be affected by a bone that is part of the armature that the mesh (with the group) is parented to. In other words if you have a bone with the same name but in a different armature than it won’t be affect the group.

There were some good tuts about vertex groups/weight/painting but I didn’t keep the url’s. I’m sure if you check on the pages where some of the other users are posting links to tutorials you shouldn’t have any problem finding them!

Good luck :slight_smile: