armature problems

(bmax) #1

if you wanna help, download this file: and tell me what i did wrong!!

in summary, the problem looks as follows: when i rotate the left arm, say, then in addition to turning, it also deforms and gets smaller :x . boo. why is that?

(TorQ) #2

I spent a little time with this file and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Sorry.


(saluk) #3

Yeah, I don’t know, it looks right. There is a vertex not assigned in the leg by the way, and weight painting might be the cause, but Im not sure.

Been a while since I worked with armatures

(Yamyam) #4

I think you can remove “TailBone” Group.

(TorQ) #5

Did you use weight painting?

(Yamyam) #6

Yes. but I’ll never used weight map to cover all vertecies like this.
Because if all part of vertecies are assigned by each armature, I needn’t to do this way to move a mesh as a whole. I need only to move/rotate a root(most parent) armature.

(Carl) #7

Your problem probably is that the bone in question has been scaled. that bad… very very bad…

I make it an issue never to scale bones. I just move their start and end points to get them to fit…

scaling a bone, expecially across less than 3 axes will cause the bone to deform when rotating…

you can use alt + s to set all scale-factors to 1 (alt+r for 0 rotation and alt+g for base position…)

good luck with it…


(bmax) #8

i didnt scale bones, i didnt do weight painting, i just set up an armature and created weight groups (i didnt include all bodyparts yet) and thats all… before i created the leg weight groups, the arms worked fine

(Carl) #9

ok, my bad…

I actually took a look at it and you scaled your mesh…

sizeX = 1.9 whereas sizeY and sizeZ = 1

but it’s still weird now…now that all sizes are 1

I don’t know what wrong…


(bmax) #10

darn, nobody knows whats wrong…

(Yamyam) #11

The weight map is made automaticaly when you make a Group.

If you want to solve this problem, you’ll remove “TailBone” Group. It is simple and I’ve been already written it. Why do you do that?

This problem is that you assigned a vertex with too many Groups. I don’t know Blender’s skin code, but If I made a skin code for realtime engine, I don’t think that this code is working correctly when a vertex is assigned with too many Groups.

(Pooba) #12

On a total unrelated note, what is weight painting?


(saluk) #13

It is like vertex painting except that the colors are telling the vertexes how much they are influenced by the armature.