Armature Problems

(rav_bhara) #1

Hi folks, Ive dun an armature. Prob, my animation only plays when i hit ALT+SHIFT+A. I cant play it in PLAY mode when u hit P. Can n e 1 help. Thanx!!

(Skanime) #2

Though I’m still not too knowledgable about blender, I believe you have to make a python script linking that animation to a key on the keyboard.

(rav_bhara) #3

Ive seen loads of examples but theres no script. ??? Ill just have to keep messing around then

(Skanime) #4

I saw a tutorial on this or something, butr that was before NaN went out of business, so I’m not sure if it’s still there or if I could find. I’m still pretty new to this stuff.

(saluk) #5

Did you assign the vertexes to the correct vertex groups? All the vertexes in say, the lower left leg have to be assigned to a vertex group with the same name as the bone that controls the lower left leg. Then the WHOLE mesh has to be parented to the armature.

(rav_bhara) #6

No i aint, how do u do it!!!

(TorQ) #7

Do you have any logic bricks asigned to the armature telling it to play the animation when you press P? If not add an always sensor and link it to an action sensor type the name of the action you want to play in the box.


(saluk) #8

Select the mesh, and go into edit mode. Select all the vertexes that correspond to a bone, and then on the edit buttons (f9) click on “new”. It’s a little to the right of the middle of the edit buttons screen. Name this group the same name as the bone it will correspond to. Now don’t forget to click on “assign”. After it’s assigned, click on “deselect” to deslect all vertices that are part of the group. If the vertices are deselected, then you assigned them correctly. If they AREN’T deselected, you forgot to hit the assign button:)

(rav_bhara) #9

yes i have the logic bricks, everythings fine like that!!

(rav_bhara) #10

Excellent!!! Saluk, u should write a book on a blender. Thank u to every 1 else who also helped.