Armature Problems


I recently modelled and rigged a lobster and when I was done painting the weights and making sure the armature was a-okay with the model, I clicked ‘Apply’ in the armature’s modifier window.

Cut to now when I want to animate it, the armature no longer distorts the model. I don’t really know what to do to fix this issue. As far as I can tell, I can’t undo the applied armature modifier and trying to add another modifier makes it distort a little too much - acting like there’s 2 on top of one another, cause I suppose there are at that point.

I can’t ctrl-z my way out of it because I applied it in a different session. I’d appreciate help on the matter. If there’s anything I can do that’s not delete the armature and start over, I’d love to try it.



File > Restore from Autosave

Have you changed any scales, on the mesh the armature the pose bones?

Did the apply armature distort the model? Does its pose still match the rest pose?

I tried a bunch of my autosaves, but none of them were at a good point for me to continue with.

I don’t think I changed any scales on anything.

And the apply button distorted it to the position the bones were currently at, but now the model doesn’t distort at all when I move any of the bones.

Unlucky re autosaves.

Yep that’s what apply armature does. You need to add a new armature modifier. The model should be a child of the armature object, and have an armature modifier to that rig to enable posing it. Applying any mesh modifier will deform (or create etc) the mesh to the modifiers setting and remove it. If you have other armatures (hands, facerig etc) I suggest you make them children of the armature too. Add modifiers for them also.

Stick with it.