armature probs

(AN][ARES) #1

i got the following prob:

i made one object (a particle emitter) parent an armature. next i am locking some different rotations in pose mode of the armature. while the armature is rotating when frames passes the emitter-object is (of course) tracking the armatures position and rotation BUT not the particles. they just keep the vector of the last user-update of the emitter. if i just click on the emiter MANUALY the particles keep this vector till i update the emitter again. u just have to press “g” move the emitter somewhat and then DONT keep the position but undo the action and press “ESC”. thes updates it. i found no possibility to update this automatically while my emitter is being moved.

i need this for turrets and guns, which are firing a lot of visible bullets. i thought the particles would be a good possibility for this. another way would be to do every bullet on its on. but turrets firing douzends of those would be horrible to to.

perhaps someone knows an easier way to do visible shots of weapons where every shot got another direction.

base situation
rotation with armature
after escaped repositioning
rotation of armature goes on

(OTO) #2

Don’t use armatures! Parent the emiter to a empty for ex.
Hope this will help

(AN][ARES) #3

sorry but i HAVE TO use armatures, cause they are an essential part of my models (humans). the arms are posed with armatures and the chaingun is parent to the arm.

well at least for the turrets i got another solution which i made on my own … a tracking script which tracks objects in 3D

thx anyway

(BgDM) #4

Actually, you are better to use an empty and then first, parent the empty to your armature, and then the emitter to the empty. They will then track the movement without any problems.