Armature prohibits mesh from becoming a ghost

Armatures are giving me undending errors. This time, I was setting up my video game guy with a collision box. I set the mesh to ‘ghost’, and all other objects parented to the armature to ‘ghost’ as well. I set the collision box (a simple cube) to dynamic. Lastly, I added an actuator to the armature, parenting it to the collision box. But alas, my poor guy was torn from the ground and he flew away. I tried setting the armature to ghost. I tried the different settings for the parenting actuator (compound, ghost). I set all of the objects to ‘no collision’, but to no avail.
Another fifteen minutes of fiddling and I realized the game engine was not registering that my mesh was a ghost. Why? So I ended up deleting the armature, and guess what? The problem went away.
I need my armature though. I’m sure you weathered users have a simple answer. I hope.

Hmm that’s odd. I’m having an issue other way around, all objects parented to any armature gets their physics ignored and they become ghosts. so I can’t get any collision to work on those objects. That’s how I have learned to deal/think about it also. No idea how it is suppose to be though (to parent armature to a hitbox).

ususally the sources of such problems get visible when you switch on “Show Physics Visualisation”

I tried turning on physics visualization but it didn’t help me at all.