armature question/problem involving ik-solver!


i came to the point in my animation where all modeling is done, and animating begins,

i rigged my mesh and all is good.

for the legs i use 3 bones and a foot bone. it gets the job done with very good results. however, when i use an ik solver to animate them. i have a wierd problem

as soon as the ik solver passes under the main bone, the armature flips to the other side and then followes it. this is all good, except now the knee over-extents and jsut looks pain full!

how can i make it that when the ik solver passes under the main bone, the armature is pushed upward to keep everything happy. i’ll try to make a quick .mov file of what i mean. because its hard to understand (at least i think it is)

any idea how to solve this?

hm…anyone know where i can upload a 1.5 mb avi file for ppl to see?

reduced file size to 156 kb, but still very good quality.

ok, got my myspace to host it

ps. are there any special tags that enables me to make the vid visible int he thread instead of a link?

got finally a better place to host, this is the better version of the video, (1.5 mb) the description to it says what i mean so if anyone could check it out, and maybe help me out as well, i would be really greatful

…aparently the video size doesnt matter, it gets stretched too far, maybe resize window?

but yeah, im still looking for those video tags for posts, any ideas (regarding them or a solution to my problem)?

test, for video tag

<embed style=“width:400px; height:326px;” id=“VideoPlayback” type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” src=“” flashvars=""> </embed>

… never mind…

does really no one know any solution to this???:S:S:S:S:S plz someone, anyone, plz i really need this to work!

im losing hair/sleep over this.

sorry but you should really send a .blend file couse it is hard to see the problem from this animation

ok, ill try making the blend file avaiable.

…anyone know a place where i can host it for free?..ill find a way…

the blend file is aviable for download here:

hit download at bottom of page

I’ve taken a look at the .blend.

This looks like a bug in blender to me. Probably some math accuracy issue with the ik-solver.


so what do i do now?

do i report this somewhere? or do i need to fix something???

im a bit at a loss right now.


Report bugs at the blender bug tracker. Go to and create yourself an account (if you don’t have one). Then, submit a bug report in the tracker. Remember to include the file and instructions to find the bug. In general it is good to mention the version of blender this occurs in too.