Armature Question(s)

Apologies in advance if this should be posted in Python Script forum, but I think it may be more of an armature question.

I used the motion capture import script, then the empties to armature script. All of this worked fine. However, in object and pose mode, I can only see the left half of the armature. I can only see both halves when in edit mode. Is this normal? And if so, how do I pose the right side of the armature?

EDIT - OK, I found the answer to the firt question (and wasn’t it rather sporting of me not to make a new post just to get to 100). Apparently, the bones on the right side were created with the exact same names as the bones on the left. As soon as I change the names, the are visible in Object and pose mode.

Another general question - If num pad 1 is the front view, and I am looking at the front of a character (humanoid), shouldn’t the armature option be Z-axis mirror instead of X-axis mirror?

Thanks for your time!

I think that mirroring in Blender refers to an action “along” a certain axis, not “respect” an axis (eg.: Mirroring along X axis is the same thing as mirroring respect Z axis… just two different ways to say it).

At least, that’s how I see it…

Computers are mathamatical in there ways .When asked to mirror something they simply change the axis direction ie if something is at X 10 and is mirrored in the x axis it will become X-10.

Hazza, Pr,

I aggree, but when I am in the front view, and have x-axis mirror on (for armature) both bones are created on the same side…nearly overlapping.

Now I’m at 100.

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Yes but the mirroring works to the centre of the armature bone, so even though the ends can cross the X 0 the centres of the armature will be equally dispossed about X 0 .