Armature question

I don’t even know how to name it…
Well - Imagine I have a rigged hand. I have multiple actions linked to it, and various keys assigned to them (e.g. when I press Space, it waves the hand, when I press Enter, it swings the hand around and so on). But, if I press, for example, Backspace, I want the hand to move into a certain pose, pointing at the sky for example. And do it right from where it is.

It’s like an action with its first keyframes adjusting to the current pose.

How do I do that and thanks in advance.

I know exactly what you’re talking about. You want one action to smoothly transition from one to the other. It’s actually quite simple. There’s an option under the action actuator called blendin (should be under the start and end frame buttons) just push the blend in number up for as many frames as you want it to transition and that should work.

I don’t want to transit action to action, I want to transit action to pose.
The blendin does it smoothly, yeah, but the hand ends always up in a different position, based on where it was at the beginning of transition.
Do you know any solution to that?

Hrm. . . Maybe you would want to have a neutral action that can ‘reference’ the others, like, for example, you have a base action where the hand is in a neutral position, and then have the hand change actions correctly.