Armature Question

Okay this is really hard to explain, but I’ll try. I’m making a robot/mech type thing and on the legs there are these suspension things. They have springs and when the leg bends, the springs need to compress.

I’m not new to blender, so I understand armatures and everything, but I’m having a problem with this. The way the bones are set up, there are 4 bones that I will use for each set of suspension springs. 2 of them are for tracking points that 2 other bones need to track to, and 1 is for the spring. The spring one needs to be connected to the 2 bones that are tracking the other ones so it can scale, but the way they are parented, I’m not sure how to do it.

This is too hard for me to explain, so I have 2 pictures that may help and the .blend file. I don’t know how much the pictures will help, since this is a hard thing to explain, but if you check out the .blend, you will see what I mean.

If you look at the .blend, the bone “suspension3O.l” needs to be connected to “suspension4O.l” and “suspension2O.l” so it can scale as the leg bends. It’s connected to “suspension2O.l” already because that’s it’s parent, but I don’t know how to make it connect to “suspension4O.l”, because that bone is the child of “suspension5O.l”. I tried using a “stretch to” constraint, but it isn’t working. I need the tail of “suspension3O.l” to be connected to the head of “suspension4O.l” I know this is probably an easy thing to do, but I’m not very good with armatures.

Help would be really appreciated. :smiley:


mech.blend (889 KB)

Yep it’s easy :yes:

Select bone “suspension3O.l” and set the ‘head/tail’ property to 1. Now it will follow the tail of it’s target bone. Just press ‘r’ to reset the length and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Nice mech!

Oh wow, that was easy. I spent so long trying to figure that out. Thanks alot! :smiley: