Armature question

My rig goes like this. *PWAW=Parented with automatic weights…
head/Upper body Mesh -“PWAW”- Upper Armature… arms, shoulders, spine, etc… w. IK restraints
Legs/Lower body mesh -“PWAW”- Lower Armature… Legs, feet w. IK restraints

So basically, my rig is setup so i have two armatures. I added a EMPTY named “GUNFOLLOW”
behind the player at a low angle, then i parent it to the camera, so when the camera moves
it follows the cameras tilting and movement.
Then i added a “Edit Object” actuator to the upper armature, i set it to track to, i chose the
“GUNFOLLOW”. Everything works just fine, there is a bit of problems like camera moves back
to center, stuff like that but thats not important yet. *NOTE* The gun follow only works when you are aiming with left click, thats when it
starts to track the lazer as well, middle button is to activate weapon.

Hope you ain`t confused so far, so my question is simple. Is there a way round this so the
armature can be as one ? or is it okay to leave it like this ?
Take a look at the file, the mesh comes off the lower body and it looks awfull.

I would appreciate the help, happy blending 8)