Armature ragdoll deformation


I’ve finaly figured it out! Full armature deformating ragdolls!
Here’s a short animation:
(it still needs some tweaking ofcourse :wink: )

I’ll post an tutorial soon in the tutorial section (i’ve made a thread there, but i don’t think it got posted without a tutorial yet… )

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Very excellent. I asked about this a few days ago and got a lot of “It can’t be done - you have to separate your meshes…”

I look foward to the tut.

Very intriguing. Nice choice of model too - good to see the old Halo warrior getting taken down a peg. :slight_smile: Also looking forward to the tut as I have a couple of characters to try that on.

Yes very interesting, but shouldn’t you have made the pivot point of the rigid body joint at the knees not bend backwards ? That’s a bit awkward imho …

I just started playing with the GE ragdoll joints and you can determine how the limbs bend by putting the pivot point on an edge of the constrained cubes and build a pretty decent feinting/falling character …

Ah yes… this will be most needed… I once tried to make this effect with softbody / cloth thingies… but it didnt work out too well.

Well, he did say it needed some tweeking…I assume that’s it. Otherwise Halo guy has suffered some severe injuries…

Here’s the tutorial:
Enjoy :slight_smile:
(this is an advanced tutorial, you’ll need knowledge of armatures, the blender game engine, constrains and basic blender stuff ofcourse. )

Bookmarked for now, but will have to give it a go later. Thanks!

You are a smart guy…I wish it worked in the GE. Maybe a future build, now that it’s been figured out. It’s too nice of a feature to be ignored for long, I hope…

Quoted from planaria:

why does he need the intermediate set of bones in that last vid?

you should be able to do copy rot/loc constraints on any object…

You want to throw someone own the stairs!!!

It’s true, but not him…someone though…

(see my thread for the joke…there’s a picture of a guy standing at the top of some stairs…)