armature reseting to rest pose when entering game

Hey there.
I"m new to bge and I ran into a problem.I have a human character,rigged and with simple walk cycle animated into action.Entering bge resets armature to rest pose and no animation through action can be played.Half an hour I’ve tried to find the answer reading through the forum but to no avail.Please help.

[edit] SOLVED - check bottom post

you probably need to assign a sensor controller and actuator for the animation. put and always sensor if you just want the animation to play on its own or keyboard if you want to start the animation on a button.

The armature is animated and it has keyboard controler so when you press a key it should start the walk action.But the armature enters bge in rest pose and pressing a key does nothing.

Are you sure that the Action actuator has the ‘Walk’ animation specified (in the Action: box)? You are animating the bones in Pose mode, right?

Yes,it has walk specified.Yes bones animated in pose mode.It just doesn’t even reach the state to press the key to start the action.The model reverts to rest pose after starting bge and then nothing.I’ve tried with another blend,another model ,another rig-same story…press “p” bam-> rest pose.I"m pretty sure I’ve just missed something small as it ususally goes with blender :slight_smile:
I’d better attach a blend…the model is posed, just press “p”
quantum.blend (535 KB)

ah…and while on this,why if I switch bones to “b-bone” type it makes them very big not keeping the relative size of the other types?
[edit] found the solution to the bones size->edit mode->a->ctrl+alt+s this scales the b-bones down.

[edit] Found the solution to the major question.Folowing the tutorial for animating actions into bge it suggested you delete armature modifier since it’s kept as parent in the model’s object relations tab.It was just enough to move the armature modifier to top.

i have the same problem with the rest pose but only when i delete the modifier because it will not do anithing otherwise.
please help!!!