Armature rest position vs alt-g, alt-r

With an armature, is alt-g, alt-r supposed to return it to the rest position?

If not what?

If so, then why does this armature not respond to the alt-g / alt-r? (You might have to right-click, save/as this file, if so, it will be saved as with an htm file extension, but it’s really a blend file, then rename the extension (free web hosting :slight_smile: )

It’s the Ludwig rig, I moved and resized some bones in edit mode to fit another mesh.

Does having constraints on the rig complicate the edit process?

Do I need to turn off the constraints while editing ? … or remove them altogether in order to size the bones ? :eek:


(Edited to clear up stupid errors :slight_smile: )

Since the bones act on the Pose, it is quite normal for bones to shift from their edit position when constraints are applied.

Alt-G, Alt-R, Alt-S in Pose Mode resets all bones to their default position, basically the “rest position” except the actual pose is affected by constraints (whereas rest position isn’t affected by them). This is easily tested by adding an armature with two separate bones then, in pose mode, applying an IK constraint to one of the bones targeting the second bone. The IK solver will immediately point to the target bone but in Edit mode, it will return to its default position.

I couldn’t get the file to load at all. But what you need to do to get some semblance of consistency between the default Pose Mode pose with constraints and the Edit Mode “pose” is to reposition things in Edit Mode to match (or closely match) the default constrained (rest pose) positions. The do the skinning from this point.

OR… make changes to the controllers/targets in Pose Mode so the constrained pose closely matches the Edit Position.

Ok, I located the problem. It was a copy-to constraint, and I was moving the “constrained” bone, but not the “constrainer/target” bone :slight_smile:

You’ll have to watch your terminology :slight_smile: … specifically about “rest position”. From my experiments, it seems pressing the RestPositon button doesn’t act exactly like an Alt-g/r. Pressing that button does not use constraints, which is where I was getting confused. Maybe it should?

Otherwise I don’t understand what use that button is, especially for rigging.


Hmmm, yeah. Geeez I had a bad night last night.

I’ll add an edit above to clear that up. Thanks for pointing it out.