Armature/rig creator required. Please :0)

(iconjunky) #1

Hi all, soz but Ive been away for a while but should be back now for a bit, so now im after someone who would be willing to spend a small amount of time creating the armature movements for an enemy,(with crude AI) i`ve been working on.

The charecter was kindly donated by Abracsis and will require quite a few prioritiesed motion actuators which at the moment range from :

Idle stand, crouch behind obstacle, roll left/right to avaid etc.

The bones are all inplace on the charecter, all i need is someone better than myself to put the movements on him. If your interested, please just e-mail me and ill send you the file (which has a full list of the movements with frame count that id like!).

[email protected]


(Pooba) #2

I would but… yet again i don’t have a good enough computer :frowning:

I’ve done it for people before, maybe if you wait like a week i should be back home.