Hey, everybody.

Still a huge newb with Blender, but I’m slowly gettin better. Heh. Anyway. My question is, how can I get my armature to bend like natural joints on a humanoid figure? Every time I try to bend the forearm or something, it distorts vertexes outside of the vertext group, giving it a strang bend instead of a fluid pivot.

See attached for example.

Anyone have any insight or could point me to a comprehensive armature tutorial? I know there are some around, but I’d like to see if anyone has any direct advice. Thanks alot.


Actually, nevermind. It’s a “Weight Painting” problem. I found a good tutorial.
After having a chance to check my post, I realized that the pic I attached was of the render, not the wireframe, so it wouldn’t have helped anyway.

Oh well, problem solved. If I knew how to delete this post, I would. Haha.

Any chance of directing us to the tutorial? I have simmelar problems myself, and most of the solutions are a lot more complex that mere weight painting.