armature rotation problems!

Hi there im new to blender and ran into my first real problem. You see, i rigged my character and added the weight paint and parented. Even so, every time i rotate an armature to get a certain pose, the mesh rotates twice as fast as the armature.
Ex. i tried rotating the armature around the y-axis 45 degrees in pose mode and the mesh rotated 90 degrees!this happened to the arm. Anyone know how to fix it?

Take a look at the modifiers panel with the mesh selected, you might have 2 armature modifiers on the mesh. If you added an armature modifier to the mesh while weight painting - so the character can be posed while weight painting - then parented the mesh to the armature, blender 2.5x series will add an armature modifier to the mesh automatically…


thank you it worked perfectly

i did add a second modifier, didn’t know this version added it for you.
Anyways ty