Armature skinning updated Armature extraction

Thanks Nicholas for this excellent tools and your effort, you are the best

Does this mean I can quickly create an animated mesh from an armature?? Or did I read a bit too much into that short video?

Sorry just finished reading Nicholas’ info page. And that’s exactly what he’s making.

@ Nicholas: This is very useful, please keep up the good work. I will do some testing tonight.

This is the same skin modifier project but better and yes you can pose and animate

Very impressive !
The skin tool was excellent to quickly make a base shape, but now if it even allows some kind of posing with armature, it’s awesome.

Be sure to check his blog for more wonders :

cool feature :slight_smile:

I was thinking about such features few months back. Now it’s real!

Wow. This is just great, an awesome tool.
I did, however, manage to crash blender by trying to apply this to an animated tree armature. It was one I had already made. When I started a new tree it worked fine.
If I may make a suggestion, I think it would be nice to have the option of making the default mesh an envelope, rather than the standard bone shape.

Edit: I used the add sapling script.

Yay! New developement for the skin modifier!

I am wondering if it would not be more efficient to use metaballs with remesh modifier.

Maybe it is better to update and improve array sketching to create both base mesh and armature.

Can you subdivide the mesh and still maintain weighting?

There is a linux 64bit build?

Probably yes, since you need to click “create” for it to make a regular mesh with an armature. That way a MultiRes etc. modifier can be added in the normal fashion. If you notice in the video, he added a subsurf modifier after clicking on “Create skin” and it works without problems.

This is going to be excellent because it lets you pose your sculpts right away like you can in zBrush! You’ll need to retopo them later of course, but it should allow for “concept” models to be done more quickly, and there won’t be a need for a “basemesh”.

It is not so simple.
Grab a build and try to make a basemesh for a hand.

Update :
Little video is rather amazing.

Ditto as above! Excellent work, Nicholas!

zeauro - metaballs would not provide such a nice topology. And yes, you will not build a nice base mesh of a hand but you will build basemesh for entire body pretty fast.

Build for Linux 32 bit:

I really like the current solution to have a Skin Modifier with an option to auto-generate a Rig for the final Base-Mesh.

Great Video. Great Technique.
Thanks for sharing.
Downloading win32 built from