Armature stopped working -- bug?

Hi everyone

I’ve been working on redesigning my game character, and have been trying my hand at animation as well. I have a simple rig working, but tonight while I was working, manipulating the bones in pose mode stopped having any effect on the mesh. The weird thing is, the animations I already started play fine and the mesh deforms as the bones rotate/move, but I can’t make any new keyframes. I’m really confused, but maybe I turned on of blender’s myriad ‘break everything’ buttons? :smiley:

‘Manipulate center points’ is not on, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

.blend file:

Edit: Dang it, I did somehow manage to find one of the aforementioned buttons. Somehow this “delay refresh” box got ticked in my armature. Turning it off lets me manipulate my bones properly again. Sorry to bother you guys.