Armature tips

Please Post tips for Armature riging and skinning.

IK for hands and feet usually

this is a really vauge request

[I’d suggest you look at the hand and foot rigging tutorials, and look for reversefoot.blend maybe]

OK, more specific.

on your arm, when you rotate you forarm, the part close to your elbow dose not rotate as much as the part twards your wrist. But when you bend it, the whole thing moves! how do I set that up? And hips are giving me trouble too. when I sit down my charactor, the thigh goes into the hip.

Usually, the skeletal design of an armature matches pretty closely to what God Himself :wink: specified. That is, there’s a backbone, two shoulders, an upper arm, forearm, wrist, and fingers.

The handling of the fingers, however, varies from model to model because: “Don’t create trouble for yourself! Don’t create more flexibility than you actually need.” If the hands don’t need to move independently, why not just use one bone for all of them? And so on.

IK-solver bones are normally placed… where you need them. Often they’re placed on the wrists and ankles. Once again it depends entirely upon the amount of control that your project demands, and where it seems to be easiest to accomplish the moves you need to make.

Sometimes, IK-solver bones are not used at all.

I am creating a new super hero for animation, so I need him to be able to move just like a real person. the fingers are not giving me much trouble, but the forarm thing, as I said above, is confusing. can you make a bone with different weights for movment and rotation?

what do the different options in the drop-down menue under the name of the bone do? (skinable, unskinable, head, neck…)

at the moment they do nothing. perhaps in future versions they will do something.

you might wanna try this - a basic rig with IK set up, just for playing around.

get rig here

for details i’d have a look at the documentation on

Well, I don’t know if this would help or not, but I’ve put together a Powerpoint presentation on Armatures and animating with them for the people in my office group. I’ll just post it here too. It’s only fair, given all the help you guys have given me. :slight_smile:

good work!

You can put it up somewhere on this site if you want it.

Aurrin: Now if you only posted a link to download a player for .ppt files :slight_smile:

Well, Microsoft Powerpoint will do it, OpenOffice has an equivalent program that will probably also do it correctly. (I didn’t use alot of special features) I think Internet Explorer has a built-in viewer for them, but I don’t know for sure. I can try saving the .ppt for web viewing, but no guarantees that it will work on anything besides IE. (And I dare not install an open-source browser on my work machine to check.)


No sooner do I say that than I find a viewer for .ppt files…

For those interested openoffice opens and plays the presentation fine under linux.